Applications of blast rooms: derusting, descaling, deburring and surface preparation before thermal spray and painting.
The main feature of blast room system is that the operator is inside the room during the blasting
process. A protective suit and a helmet protect the operator from abrasive impact, and a fresh air supply
provides sufficient ventilation through the blaster‘s helmet.

Blast rooms are used for big components or components where automatic blasting would be too
expensive. In combination with nozzle manipulators installed in the blast room, surfaces can be
automatically processed and areas that are hard to access can be blasted manually. Thus, the flexibility is
maintained whilst reducing the number of blasters needed.
Whether your need is to clean large or medium-size steel structures such as wind turbines and
tower sections, excavator and crane parts, beams, containers and trailers, hub castings,
generator housings and transformer blocks the Blast room system cleans to perfection.
For Further details please go through our e-catalogue of Blast-room.

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